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Schedule A

Caveats for Stoneridge, Delaronde Lake

-Adhere to all Big River R.M. Bylaws

-There shall be no more than one dwelling on the land

-The private dwelling should have a minimum square footage on the main floor of 700 square feet

-No house or building may be moved onto the land without written consent of the vendor

-No mobile homes

-No more than half the trees may be removed

-No septic tank, septic field, or other sewage system shall be installed except which is approved by the Saskatchewan Government Department of Health

-No hunting or trapping may occur on any lot or within the development

-No waste, garbage, or refuse shall be dumped, placed, or stored on any lot or common area

-All household pets must be controlled, confined, and trained as to not become a nuisance

-Owners of the individual lots are responsible to put in a driveway/access with proper drainage, including a culvert if needed

-Owners of the individual lots are responsible for the cost of installing power and telephone to the dwelling from the access at the main road if it deviates from direct route, otherwise there is no cost to the lot owner except power meter socket and install of

-Cannot resell a property for 3 years from the date of purchase unless a residence has been properly built on the premises

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